Who has the parenting book? I need to see something!

Parenting continues to be one of the most rewarding jobs in my life. I enjoy it 97% of the time! When the 3% hits though, boy does it ever! There's no blanket parenting book for each child, though days like this I wish there were. Yes, I'm a professional, but I'm also just a mom trying to navigate these parenting streets. Parenting can be very overwhelming. Raise your hands if you feel me.

I'm currently in the parenting phase of tweens and teens (eek!). Shout out to all the parents who have more than one kid, lol! If you have more than one child, I'm sure you're aware that they all have different personalities. Therefore parenting isn't always as uniformed and neat as you would like it to be. You have to tailor your parenting style to each one of them.

And that my friends can cause a lot of parental stress. But fret not. It's ok. I'm telling myself that more than you lol. When your kids have different personalities, and I mean as diverse as they come. Night and day. Hot and cold. You get it! This means that there are different needs, wants, and interests. And your job is to figure out how to parent all of those wants, needs, and interests while trying to stay sane. You are absolutely not alone!

Sometimes it can feel like you're running around with your head cut off. Sometimes it may feel that you are constantly missing the mark for what your children need. Here are a few things that may help while you're navigating parenting because more than likely, you're not gonna find it the "parenting book."

Parenting tips:

  1. Recognize that your kids are all different in their own way. Don't deny it or them because they may all have different needs and personalities. Obviously, there are going to be things that are right or wrong, and you have to adhere to those things despite personalities.

  2. Embrace the difference. Yes, even the little rebel spirits!! Sometimes their personalities can be a bit much, but nevertheless, you have to embrace them. Cultivate them! When you embrace it, so will they. It's always about looking for the positives!

  3. Stop comparing your kids with one another. That can create a lot of internal conflict and external conflict between siblings. I made this mistake once...I will never do it again. It was done unintentionally, but it was done. Your children watch everything that you do with your other kids, and they take notice. If you find yourself comparing, go back to step one to embrace the differences! It's nothing more heartbreaking than a child questioning your love for them because they may find things unfair, or it appears to them that you care for one more than the other.

  4. Find parenting methods that work for your children. You can't parent in a box. There are going to be times that blanket parenting rules will apply. But there will also be times that they won't. For instance, my daughter needs much more one on one physical attention/affection than my son. So her father and I try to incorporate that one on one time so that she can receive what she needs. One of our more general rules for both kids is screen time. We have moments where they both need to take a fast from all things electronic.

Parenting is a journey, and some times you will make mistakes but use those moments to grow so that you can be the best parental role model for your kids that you can be. I'm rooting for you (and myself)!

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