Why I Write

When I started Dear Diary in 2018, I envisioned it as a public journal. At first, I used this space to hold myself accountable, because maximizing physical and mental health can only come from intentional, daily effort.

I wanted to write a blog about my personal and professional experiences.  I have a great love for mental health as well as spirituality.  There’s so much important work that needs to be done in the community about mental health.  There are lots of bridges that need to be created to close the gap between mental health, people of color, and religion. I hope to be able to do this here. I also love the idea of positive relationships, no matter what they are. I’ll be writing about parenting, spirituality, self-esteem, trauma, and basic mental health in general.  Most importantly, I'm a woman who has had her own challenges with mental health and has overcome so much that it's important for me to share with you that you're never alone. You’ll see that I’m writing from my heart as I hope to provide some tools for you as well. I’m hoping that I can inspire, teach, and share my own personal journey of whole wellness. 

A little about me:

My name is Cicely.  I’m a wife, a mother of 2.  I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  I’ve been in the mental health field for too many years to count.  I work with families and individuals.  I help those in need of building or rebuilding attachments, parenting, and trauma.  I wholeheartedly love my job as a therapist.  While it may appear that I am inspiring them, I am the one who is truly inspired.  To witness transformation is a beautiful thing.  I hope that you enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy writing